et rid of unwanted hair i.e. Waxing and enjoy a calming and soothing ritual that will leave you feeling pain free with our highly trained technicians

Service NameRetail Price(VAT inclusive)Duration
 Nose Waxing AED                          15.0015m
Chin Waxing AED                          20.0015m
Cheeks Waxing AED                          25.0015m
Upper Lip Waxing AED                          30.0015m
 Neck Waxing AED                          30.0015m
Eyebrow Wax AED                          30.0030m
Half Face Waxing AED                          40.0030m
Full Face Wax AED                          90.001h
Underarm Wax AED                          30.0015m
Stomach Line Wax AED                          35.0015m
 Half Stomach Wax AED                          40.0030m
 Half Back Wax AED                          50.0015m
 Full Back Wax AED                          70.0045m
 Stomach Wax AED                          50.0030m
 Half Leg Wax AED                          70.0030m
Full Arm Wax AED                          50.0030m
 Half Arm Wax AED                          30.0015m
Full Leg Wax AED                          90.0045m
Full Bikini Wax AED                          90.0045m
Full Brazilian Wax AED                        110.001h
Bikini Line Wax AED                          60.0030m
Full Body Wax - Without Brazilian AED                        300.002h
Full Body Wax - With Brazilian AED                        400.002h
Upperlip Threading AED                          20.0015m
Eyebrow Threading AED                          30.0030m
Full Face Threading AED                          60.001h
Chin Threading AED                          20.0015m
Forehead Threading AED                          20.0015m
 Cheeks Threading AED                          25.0030m
 Neck Threading AED                          30.0015m
Half Face Threading AED                          40.0045m